About Me

Hello! My name is Daniel Steez and I’m an avid art lover, poetry writer, and music junkie residing in Austin, TX. 

My outlet for these passions is expressed as the Founder of a creative hub and lifestyle brand called Gully Steez that is dedicated to showcasing the best in art & hip-hop through original projects and promotional services.

#GullySteez hosts several segments which include allthingsdope.com, DOPEorNAH.com, GullyMusic.com, Sketchathon.com, Sketchaholix.com, SteezWars.com, and SecretPoetryStash.com. These projects have grown to a total aggregate following of 200,000+ people across all social media platforms with a monthly reach of roughly 1 million per month.

The best part about it is that our poetry project has had the honor of distributing thousands of pieces of poetry to people in need of a pick-me-up and our art contests have awarded a couple thousand dollars since their inception. This is something I’m very proud of and I’ve made it a lifelong objective to continue providing value to the artistic community in any way I possibly can. 

Additionally, I’m a Co-Founder and an artist for an indie record label called Golden Vision Entertainment. I’ve been a lover of the written word my entire life and have scribbled many a poem in my day. These poems eventually turned into songs and I’ve started to release music as a rapper. My original poetry inspired by #GullySteez submitted content can be found on allthingsdope.com under the pseudonym D.T. Ruth and my self published work can also be found by going to GullyPublishing.com. You can listen to some of my music HERE

Oh, and I’m also into number crunching. I have nearly a decade of accounting experience but when I got laid off at the onset of the pandemic I vowed to go “all in” on my passions and am currently trying to fulfill my dreams by growing my business. 

I plan to use this platform to narrate the varying different aspects of my story and share the full gamut of my life experiences and passions. It’ll be used as a personal gateway for me to express the full scope of what I’m doing in all areas of life and will mirror a personal journal of sorts. I’ll be sharing my poetry, my progress with my personal finances, my plans for the growth of my companies, and everything in between. It will truly encompass the good, the bad, and the ugly as I continue this journey as an artist and wantrepreneur.

Be You. Live R.E.A.L. 

Daniel Steez


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