Grateful For February Growth

February was full of milestones and stepping stones for the @GullySteez network. We reached over 700,000 people on the All Things Dope group and hit 66,000 members on there as well.

We also hit 700 members for Steez Wars Graffiti Club, 800 members on the Gully Music (Hip-Hop) group, and wrapped up our first real month of blogging on with over 600 views.

There’s a ton of work to do but the universe seems to get out of your way when you’re attacking your purpose with clear intentions and I have no plans of letting up. Hopefully we can continue growing in March by providing our communities with value!

Be You. Live R.E.A.L.


Author: Gully Steez | All Things Dope

#GullySteez is dedicated to showcasing all things dope in art & hip-hop.

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