“Drowning Myself” by D.T. Ruth

A little lost, a little broken but I’ll be alright I’ve been trying to execute on dreams like every single night I can get them started but I feel so overwhelmed I just end up freezing up and trying to drown myself in the warmth of all this booze but my trust is all that melts

I decided to put my poetry into Midjourney AI to see what would pop out! Pretty cool results!!

Be You. Live R.E.A.L.


Keep Trying 💯

What do you do when you’ve been trying to achieve something for a year and it’s not working?
Go back to the drawing board and try again.

What do you do when you’ve been trying to achieve something for 5 years and it’s not working?
Go back to the drawing board and try again.

What do you do when you’ve been trying to achieve something for 10 years and it’s not working?
Go back to the drawing board and try again.

If you give up at any point in your journey then you’re effectively giving yourself a 0% chance to succeed.

Give yourself a chance. Keep trying.

Be You. Live R.E.A.L.

100 Monthly Spotify Listeners!

Long blog post incoming…

I’ve been releasing music as @d.t.ruth every Saturday for the last 6 months and this is the first time I’ve hit 100 monthly listeners on @spotify!

My journey as a writer spans over two decades and I’ve tried to work within Hip-Hop for the last ten years or so in various different capacities with a constant, nagging thought in the back of my mind telling me to fulfill a childhood dream and start rapping.

I would line things up to do it and then back out of it when it was time to get in front of a camera. I told myself several times I was better suited behind the scenes and that my digital marketing skills would be better served helping others. Excuses.

At the onset of the pandemic I faced my deeper insecurities for the first time and tackled them. I started to record myself through my phone and took my poetry from my notepad to vocalizations over beats by my brothers @morenokeyz and @gv_kenraww. When I moved to Austin I thought “this is it”. Either I truly start taking things seriously or I just let it go. Letting it go would come with regrets later on and I couldn’t bear the thought of an 80-year old me reminiscing on what I didn’t try to do so I joined an Austin Hip-Hop group to ask about where the studios were at and luckily met @pmjams through it.

Paul reinforced my belief in myself and matched my intensity to get things done.  If it wasn’t for him I’d still be doing TikTok duets without a clear plan and wouldn’t have a single song on any platform. Now we have 26 tracks out there and continue to plot on what’s next. There’s no telling where this takes us but the only thing that I can control is my consistency and persistence so that’ll be there. The only expectation I have is to reach 100 tracks in my discography. Anything else that comes from this will be considered a bonus but I’ll be working my tail off to see this number grow from 100 to 1,000 to 100,000 monthly listeners and beyond. All things are possible through Constant Motion.

Be You. Live R.E.A.L.

D.T. Ruth x PMiller x Chuck Mallard – Fingernails (Remix)

PMiller & I released “Fingernails” a few months ago and decided to give it a fresh remix with new verses in a collaboration with the homie Chuck Mallard.

My verse is a self reflection of sorts as I talk about dragging my feet for the past decade and losing sight of what my actual dreams were in the process. It also speaks about breaking free from those mental constraints through my writing.

Listen to more of my music here: https://linktr.ee/d.t.ruth

Be You. Live R.E.A.L.

Daily Booster 💉

Trying to be patient and trusting the process is so difficult!

Support me on Patreon and receive cool perks like your name listed as a supporter on my site and a hand written poem: www.patreon.com/realdtruth

Be You. Live R.E.A.L.

March Milestones

March was a month full of growth and milestones for the @GullySteez network. Notably, the allthingsdope group smashed through my 2022 goal in the first quarter of the year and we are now over 75,000 members. The group also reached roughly 830,000 people in the last 28 days (another record) and the centralized website (allthingsdope.com) hit 1400 views in its first true month of publishing on a daily basis.

The other legs of our network are also steadily growing with @Blackbookology & @SteezWars leading the charge as one of the largest blackbook graffiti battles on the internet. @Sketchathon_ & @Sketchaholics continue to get newcomers. And @SecretPoetryStash finally made a return after a lengthy absence. These projects are the backbone of our network and I hope to continue providing value to our participants for years to come.

All good things come through constant motion!

Be You. Live R.E.A.L.