“Borrowed Time” by D.T. Ruth

We’re definitely living on borrowed time. That’s for certain. We have 100 years on this earth if we’re extraordinarily lucky and I catch myself spending a lot of that precious time worrying about whether or not the decisions I’m making are the right ones. I’ve spent so much time in my own head questioning every move I’ve made that I’ve allowed myself to get caught up in thoughts of doubt that directly impact my present state. The ever-revolving questions of “am I moving right?” and “am I doing right?” continue to plague me to this day leaving me in a constant state of anxiety about what the future holds.

Once you realize that your time is limited and start to really dwell on the matter it becomes easy to get lost in the despair of it all. We can’t let the knowledge and acceptance of our mortality eat away at our dreams and aspirations in the here and now. I’m just starting to break free from my mental constraints but I’m afraid that the questions will always be in the background…am I moving right? Am I doing right?

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Author: Gully Steez | All Things Dope

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